University of Florida CVM
Wildlife, Zoo, and Aquatic Animal Medicine Club



          The Wildlife, Zoological, & Aquatic Animal Medicine Club (WZAAM) at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine is a student-run organization dedicated to providing its members with opportunities and experiences related to the fields of wildlife, zoological, and aquatic animal medicine.

           Our main focus is to further our veterinary curriculum by exposing students to the many facets of wildlife, zoo, and aquatic animal medicine. We hold monthly meetings, plan field trips to numerous facilities, organize wet labs, and provide students with funding to veterinary conferences around the country.

           At our monthly meetings, guest speakers from a variety of disciplines are asked to speak about topics related to wildlife, zoo, and aquatic animal medicine. This provides veterinary students with current knowledge not commonly provided in our veterinary curriculum.

           Field trips to facilities in and around Florida provide students with a fun learning experience as well as insight into life as wildlife rehabilitators, zoo keepers, and wildlife veterinarians. Students get to observe firsthand the importance of husbandry and nutrition in captive wildlife species.

           Wet labs organized each semester provide students with practical experience related to the zoo medicine field. Handling, darting, and anatomical pathology wet labs are only a few of the labs in which students may participate.

           Finally, WZAAM provides its members with valuable networking and educational opportunities by providing funding to yearly veterinary conferences throughout the country.

           In order to provide our members with these opportunities, WZAAM collects semester dues, fundraises (check out our Gift Shop!), and receives financial support from the university's student government. Without the support of student government, faculty and staff, guest speakers, and our members, WZAAM would not be able provide the students at UF's College of Veterinary Medicine with a well-rounded veterinary education! Thanks to all our supporters for making this possible!